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Link to AVDC Hampden Fields planning application

March 30th, 2016  |  Published in Resources  |  1 Comment

AVDC Planning web-site

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  1. Tony bambury says:

    PLEASE dont do this – we are drowning with developments in Aylesbury. we have overcrowded roads, schools, Drs and Dentists.

    Now that High Wycombe A&E has closed and this has been transferred to Stoke Mandeville do you SERIOUSLY think adding 3000 more houses will help?

    My daughter goes to a school with 1500 pupils and her education has been substandard as OFSTED has written a damning report. Would 3000 houses help this?

    So many people walk the fields that you are planning to destroy and turn into a concrete jungle….stating that “there will be green spaces” does not compensate for the permanent loss of the fields.

    HS2 will ruin other parts of Aylesbury, are you looking to destroy all of the rural areas in out town?

    NO, NO NO!

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