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Our critique of Aylesbury’s Transport ‘Strategy’

January 7th, 2017  |  Published in Highlights, LATEST NEWS, Traffic issues  |  1 Comment

HFAG Review of Draft Aylesbury Transport Strategy 30.12.16

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  1. Pete Joels says:

    The ‘revised’ planning application does NOTHING to address the Secretary of State’s objection to the originally submitted speculative planning application. SPECIFICALLY:

    1. A dual carriageway is now mentioned in the revised planning application; but it is only planned to exist within the vast new proposed housing estate; i.e., between the A41 and A413 adjoining trunk routes.

    2. The Secretary of State refused the original planning application on the grounds that it failed to address traffic congestion 3,000 new houses would generate in the immediate area (BEYOND the new housing estate) by providing and adequate solution to congestion towards Aylesbury, (on either the A41 or the A413); and specifically: ‘new development generated traffic’ that will be expected to travel through the Aylesbury Gyratory one-way system in significant volume.

    3. There is no mention of Hampden Fields Development consortium offering to make any investment whatsoever to help reduce traffic congestion c/o main road improvements, either on the A413 or the A41. Nor is their any offer of financial contribution to improve the Aylesbury Gyratory system where the A413 heads towards the Aylesbury Inner Ring Road. THAT was a specific reason given by the Secretary of State to refuse the initial Planning Application. That SPECIFIC reason for refusing building consent has not been addressed by the Development Consortium.

    4. The area’s local MP, The Hon. David Lidington has specifically stated to AVDC that this planning application MUST have the support of the existing local community.
    CLEARLY, there is no such support for this highly speculative estate development scheme from the existing local community IN FACT….

    4. The local community largely agrees that (despite the fantasy fairytale of so-called ‘benefits’ conjured by the Hampden Fields Development Consortium) there is no ‘benefit’ to the local community arising from this proposed development whatsoever.

    5. The local community has been at pains to point their objections to this application to AVDC over several years through a number of ‘planning meetings’. THUS….

    6. If anything resembling ‘democracy’ that may still exist within AVDC is to be upheld, this scheme should be rejected once and for all with the finality it should have been rejected with several years ago, and since, following (seemingly) endless ‘public meetings’ to discuss the multiple ‘negatives’ this latest planning applications remains still riddled with.

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