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HFAG Latest Update (January 2017)

January 23rd, 2017  |  Published in Action group letters, emails and messages  |  1 Comment

January Update
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Dear Supporter,

Here is an update of what we have been doing on your behalf in recent weeks and an overview of the key issues as we go into 2017. Please come to the next public meeting on 9th February (see below).


The Hampden Fields planning application was registered by AVDC on 5th February 2016. Almost one year on it has still not been decided. So much for quick “decision making” in planning! It is obvious that there are severe issues with it which YOUR MONEY has helped to expose. The Action Group check every day for any developments.

We have now written to the Secretary of State to ask for him to intervene in this very unsatisfactory situation. In support of that we also had another meeting with our MP David Lidington.


We commented strongly to Bucks County Council on their draft Aylesbury Transport Strategy. Our full examination of the  plan revealed several serious flaws in it. There are two key issues:

1) The assertion that a series of link roads around Aylesbury will form ‘an external circular ring road’ – in other words, a bypass — is incorrect. THERE IS NO BYPASS, only a series of low speed (30mph) link roads which do not even join up. They will also have many crossing points and public footpaths, along with 15,584 houses.You will note that key parts of this ‘ring’ are “aspirational” roads meaning there is no intention of building them as part of this plan!

2) The new link roads will shift some traffic off certain roads into Aylesbury but more traffic will be added back on because of all the houses. The result will be INCREASED TRAFFIC GOING INTO Aylesbury.

Bucks County Council continue to refuse to meet with us and discuss the issues facing the Aylesbury Area.

Our full report is available on our website



The District Council have delayed their LOCAL PLAN again. The reason given is that the housing need has been reduced from 33,000 to 27,000. In fact, it is most likely because there have been serious issues in putting 15,584 houses around Aylesbury mainly associated with traffic, air quality, and flooding.


There is considerable effort going into a complex campaign which involves fighting Hampden Fields, the Aylesbury Transport strategy,  the Local Plan, the “Woodlands” development and several others in the area. These elements are all interlinked: for example, Hampden Fields and Woodlands depend on the link roads, which themselves are part of the transport strategy and the local plan. Please remember we are spending considerable amounts of money so please come and show your support, hear more about the issues and ask your questions.

Weston Turville Village Hall, School Approach, Weston Turville, HP22 5RD at 7 pm Thursday 9th February.

As ever, thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Amanda, Chris, David, Dennis, Glynn, Peter & Phil

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  1. will elliott says:

    This is all mad. The road system can’t take any more cars. This is a commute town and always will be. There are no real employment in Aylesbury unless you are a teacher or working for the council or the medical profession. This is all greed the council will benefit from extra tax why would they care how many houses there are.

    Any way my point is, it takes me 35 minutes to leave my house from Bedgrove to get to the bottom of my road. The bedgrove estate is becoming a real problem. Everybody is using it as a cut through. This will become impossible with all the extra traffic, and all this at 7 o’clock in the morning.

    Also don’t forget when they start building HS2 the effects on the roads around Aylesbury will be greatly felt. But I guess as long as the council members are not effected then all is well. But if they want to attract new business to the area this is not the way to go about things…..busy roads cost money.

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