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11 things you need to know about Hampden Fields

June 13th, 2017  |  Published in Action group letters, emails and messages, LATEST NEWS


  1. The issues that led the Secretary of State to reject the application in 2015 remain completely unresolved, contrary to the developer’s claims.
  2. In order to claim they have addressed these the developer has made such basic errors in their transport modelling that it does not have any credibility on which to base any decision making. E.g.
    • the basic number of cars on the roads as a result of Hampden Fields is underestimated by 50%.
  3. The so called ‘orbital road strategy’ is flawed as most people, even from the new developments, will want to go into Aylesbury on the radial routes for shopping, schools, supermarkets and work.
  4. Even using the developer’s most optimistic figures the traffic
    • on the A41 will increase by 8,000 vehicles per day (40%)
    • at the gyratory system will increase by 25% from 4,000 to 5,000 cars per hour at peak times
  5. The claimed ‘improvements’ by the developer of 1% (worse than the previous rejected scheme) will reduce this to a 24% increase but there is no basis for predicting such a minor traffic benefit based on flawed traffic data.
  6. Such increases are almost certain to have an adverse impact on the Air Quality Management Area. There are serious errors in the developer’s air quality report, which have been exposed by independent experts.
  7. To make the transport case ‘work’ for both Woodlands and Hampden Fields the developers have assumed that a complete road network will be in place from Stoke Mandeville to Bierton. No information has been provided by any applicant or the council as to how this will be achieved.
  8. Bucks CC admit that their transport model is not “fully compliant” with established Department of Transport and National Planning Policy Guidelines.
  9. Claims that funding will be available via central government are implausible as the government cannot and will not provide money for a road scheme based on a flawed transport model.
  10. The 3000+ houses would completely coalesce Bedgrove, Weston Turville and Stoke Mandeville
  11. More than 5000 voters objected to the proposal in 2016!

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