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December 8th, 2017  |  Published in Action group letters, emails and messages, Highlights

Dear Supporter,

Please help us all by commenting on the draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan VALP. Here’s why, how, and when.

Why comment?

Locally, the VALP repeats many of the errors that came up in the Hampden Fields and Woodlands planning applications. Traffic, lack of affordable housing, flooding, coalescence… These need to be challenged again to make the Council realise that their mistakes haven’t gone away.

More widely, huge opportunities from the forthcoming East-West rail and Oxford-Cambridge express road are being missed. We think the Council need to show a much more energetic, forward-looking approach than appears in the current plan.

How can I comment?

The attached briefing note gives you all you need to know. Every comment counts.

When is the deadline?

All comments have to be received by AVDC before 5.15 pm on Thursday 14 December.  There will be no more public consultation after this round.

Does my little bit matter?

Yes. When the VALP goes to public inquiry, the Inspector will take note of the number and nature of public comments. HFAG is of course making a formal submission, but individual responses count, too. Please add your voice, on any item that concerns you.

Thanks, and best wishes,

The HFAG Committee

7 December 2017

VALP supporter suggestions 7 Dec 2017

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