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January 28th, 2018  |  Published in Action group letters, emails and messages, Highlights

As an important year starts, we want to bring you up to date with what’s happening on the campaign.  If you have any questions, please get back to any member of the committee who will be happy to help.

  • We have asked the Secretary of State to ‘call in’ Hampden Fields for a proper, independent public enquiry. We await his decision and have our next moves ready for any outcome.
  • (Incidentally, the Secretary of State has not lifted the holding direction he put on Hampden Fields at the time of the AVDC committee meeting.  The application has not, therefore, been approved, contrary to what many people think.)
  • Last month we submitted a full range of detailed comments and supporting evidence to AVDC on their proposed Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan. We also booked to speak at the public examination that will take place, probably in the Spring.
  • We are staying in touch with local MP David Lidington, who has supported our call-in request.
  • You will have seen several local development applications coming forward. HFAG’s prime focus is on any consequences for Hampden Fields and Woodlands. Committee members are, however, commenting personally. We urge you to do the same and let your voice be heard.

So, you can see that it may have gone quiet for the moment on Hampden Fields, but behind the scenes we are still busy on your behalf.

Best wishes,

Hampden Fields Action Group Committee

Amanda, Chris, David, Dennis, Glynn, John, Peter and Phil

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