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April 25th, 2018  |  Published in Action group letters, emails and messages, Highlights  |  5 Comments

Was this one of the best Public Meetings yet?  Standing room only, as always, with people attending from Aylesbury, Bedgrove, Stoke Mandeville, Aston Clinton and Weston Turville.
Great questions and ideas, and a heart-warming show of support for continuing the campaign.
If you want to ask any questions, just email info@hfag.co.uk.
If you would like to help fund the campaign – legal and consultancy fees for example – please make a bank transfer to our account 13528065 at sort code 20-03-18, using your name as a reference.
Than you.


    • admin2 says:


      No problem coming along. I have seen the petition but have not signed it because even with so called infrastructure provision being provided BEFORE you put the 15,000 houses around Aylesbury you still have major traffic problems.

      Whatever the infrastructure provision the plan is doomed to failure. David Lidington and others will simply say ‘yes we will build the roads first then” but thats where the real problems begin. We are campaigning to reduce the number of houses being placed to the south of Aylesbury because this is where the problem lies.

      • Thushy Thavathurai says:

        Thanks Phil,

        I started the original campaign to stop approving but soon realised council will not do so I changed to more realistic options but personally I feel Aylesbury have taken it’s fair share of new homes so no more approval and I will support the course.

        As I am not familiar with things like please feel free to comment to make improvements.



  1. Tom says:


    Will the be an update/report of the meeting online? I was unable to attend on the 16th?

    Thanks, Tom

    • admin2 says:

      Hi Tom

      Someone had the idea of a video update being produced as it was apparent from the meeting that about 30-40% of people thought that Hampden Fields and Woodlands had already been granted planning permission. We are putting together the video this week and it will be available from early next week latest. We will send out a link to all our followers via email and of course place it on the website.

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