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Next Up, the VALP

June 1st, 2018  |  Published in Action group letters, emails and messages, Highlights  |  1 Comment

Your committee are now fully engaged with the independent examination of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan VALP.  We made strong representations on key topics such as Aylesbury’s weak traffic strategy,  the opportunity being missed from the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, problems from the over-building to the south of the town including Hampden Fields and Woodlands.  These are now being reviewed by Inspector Paul Clark ahead of his public hearings running from 10  to 20 July.  HFAG are scheduled to appear at the relevant sessions to make our points.

We will keep you in touch.

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  1. Simon Graham says:

    A precursor to VALP is the Weston Turville Neighbourhood Plan (WNP).

    As you may be aware the parish of Weston Turville are being asked to vote on the WNP on 19th July.

    I received my postal vote yesterday, although I haven’t received any literature about what the vote is for! I had to go on to AVDC’s website and it says:

    “The Weston Turville Neighbourhood Plan is the emerging development plan for the Weston Turville Neighbourhood Area (covering the same area as the parish council) for the period 2013-2033.”

    The website also says that it was decided that a public hearing to discuss the plan was unnecessary! I am under the impression that the powers that be are attempting to get this plan approved, ‘under the radar’.

    The WNP doesn’t even mention Hampden Fields! Surely the plan should be stating its wholehearted opposition to Hampden Fields?

    I believe that a vote for the WNP will give another level of policy support for the VALP and the Hampden Fields MDA allocation.

    I therefore implore all members of the Hampden Fields Action Group to turn up on 19th July and vote against the Weston Turville Neighbourhood Plan.

    If the current plan is rejected, we can demand a public hearing and insist that a new Weston Turville Neighbourhood Plan oppose Hampden Fields.

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