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July 26th, 2018  |  Published in Action group letters, emails and messages, Highlights

For three weeks in July, the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan was subject to sessions at which the government-appointed Inspector heard evidence from which to assess the soundness of the Council’s plans.  As part of our ongoing campaign, Phil Yerby and Glynn White spoke for HFAG, challenging the Plan. Each had prepared relevant points for several sessions, which the Inspector carefully listened to and noted.  Perhaps the biggest impression was made last Friday when Phil, supported by our expert traffic consultant David Thompson, challenged the transport element of the Plan. A session scheduled to last two hours went on for five, with AVDC and Bucks County Council having severe difficulty justifying their proposals as ‘sound’ in the face of our evidence and analysis.  Nor was HFAG alone in this: a QC from another respondent also gave the Councils a hard time. 

The battle is not necessarily won.  It will be up to the Inspector to make his judgment, which is due to be announced by the end of August. But the impact we were clearly able to make on your behalf demonstrates the value both of good preparation and of being able to engage an outside expert on such complex topics.

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