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HFAG is on the case

April 4th, 2019  |  Published in Action group letters, emails and messages, Highlights

The long-expected S 106 agreements have now appeared in draft form. Search the AVDC Planning website for 16/00424/AOP for Hampden Fields and 16/01040/AOP for Woodlands.  HFAG has long been ready to scrutinise these and compare what is now being legally offered with what was in the glossy brochure all those years back and was told to the planning committee in 2017.  This will take a few days, as the draft agreements run to more than 200 pages for each development, but HFAG committee members are used to analysing long documents.  We will, of course, publish our assessments when they have been done.  There is an urgency about this, as the S106s once signed could open the door to AVDC granting planning permission. That might still be open to legal challenge, by the way.  The campaign continues!

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